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Youth – A Poem – by Dami Ajayi

Photo of young male drummers outside Tafawa Balewa Square, Nigeria - by Tope Asokere

YOUTH (after King Sunny Ade) in a frothy spring of herbs In our youth, we sow our wild oats. Unlike the sower’s parable they all fell on loam & flourished & then there was a Cytotec. Existential angst & peregrinations are aubades of youth, the sing-song of mundanity versus warm random beds in Entebbe, Kigali… Continue reading Youth – A Poem – by Dami Ajayi


WHEN DOES? When does –‘this is just how stars align’come into itwhen can I blame indoctrinationand be given a space like the othersthe others I’ve helped to otherwhen would my version of exhaustion no longer shine a light on my privilegeWhen does dress sense, common sense, no spark,play a partSurely they deserve their own separate… Continue reading WHEN DOES – CHIMA NSOEDO