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Deleting the Non-Voter – Walter Ude

We met on Grindr. His name is X. After a brief conversation, we moved to WhatsApp. We conversed for a bit there, firming up our acquaintanceship. When I mentioned that I was sorting through my late father’s things, trying to decide what to give away, he suggested donating them to an orphanage close to where… Continue reading Deleting the Non-Voter – Walter Ude

7 Penis Categories whilst Dating – By Chealsea Black

A friend of mine asked me about the categories of Penis out there in the dating world. There are too many to categorise them all but, there are major ones. Yes, Penis categories are a thing and as straight women it helps to know which type of penis you’re engaging with. Here are 7 common… Continue reading 7 Penis Categories whilst Dating – By Chealsea Black