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Jagaban is first directly elected president of Nigeria’s fourth republic

Nigeria’s fourth post-restoration election has resulted in the election of its first mono-religious presidential team; Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a Muslim from the South-West, and Kashim Shettima, a Muslim from the North-East won the election in a closely fought race that many expected would result in a run-off, due to the presence, for the first time… Continue reading Jagaban is first directly elected president of Nigeria’s fourth republic

Lagos Composition I

Lagos Composition I Bursting at the seams,Summer exploded into riotsWe vaguely recognised as seedsOf troubles;Voices of hundreds sang as tear gasKissed their throats –Our maid scurried to save us.And to save themselvesCars bore green leaves.In the heat, something was growing,Billowing into memories – from ourBalcony, muted politics floated,Set to a running tap. Without knowingWe witnessed… Continue reading Lagos Composition I

Categorized as Abeti, Poetry

New C.A.R.R

Nigeria and Africa needs a new  C.C.A.R.R movement of civil, civic action, rights and responsibilities movement  There’s no doubt that all over the world and within Nigeria itself, many people are concerned about the future direction of the country and its cultures, especially because as the largest Black Africa nation its culture, values and positions… Continue reading New C.A.R.R