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New C.A.R.R

Nigeria and Africa needs a new  C.C.A.R.R movement of civil, civic action, rights and responsibilities movement 

There’s no doubt that all over the world and within Nigeria itself, many people are concerned about the future direction of the country and its cultures, especially because as the largest Black Africa nation its culture, values and positions have an incredibly powerful effect on the perception of African and hi-melanin people in general; the challenges are well known, and so right here we want to say that Nigerians, including those in the diaspora and our allies, friends and families need a new civic civil action, rights, and responsibility movement (C.A.R.R); Nigeria, you are currently told that these are your enemies: homosexuals, non-believers (if you are Muslim – its Christians, if you are Christian – its Muslims and both pick on indigenous continental and ancestral faiths and cults), unknown bandits, old women that are witches, thieves and ritualists, your ancestors and your village people; none of these groups are really your national enemies of progress.   I have been watching you for a while, and I think perhaps these are your real enemies of progress?

Perhaps, these are your real enemies of progress?

  • Human Rights & Civil Rights Violators
    Extremist Oppressive Federalists
    Neglecters of Duty
    Environment Polluters
    Neo-conservative Feudalists:
    Misogynists and Misandrysts
    Market Fundamentalists and Capitalist Extremists Fundamentalist and Extremist Regionalists


In mobilising for our own, our children and our people’s future – we should probably recognise that there is one word at least that is in every Nigerian language, and that word is #Waka – we should start say #Waka to what we don’t want for Nigeria and #UpNigeria for the things that we do want. We, whether we are young or old, as we believe everyone is an ancestor – we should start saying to those who are destroying the future – stop stealing my future – #WakaBarawoBanza stop stealing my future. I want a society, state, and government that values C.A.R.R (Civil Action, Civil Rights and Civil Responsibilities)  

In fighting your enemies, and for your future you should probably gather together as a on the civil and civil level to demand the following from ALL candidates seeking election at governor level and above:

  • Our phones, our homes and our bodies should be totally sacrosanct from unwarranted invasion and molestation – especially by law enforcement officers
  • A universal basic income for every Nigerian of 12, 000 Naira per year with a supplement for the poor
  • An end to insecurity by robust funding of national, regional, local and neighbourhood defence forces
  • An end to insecurity by gainful absorption of working age population in voluntary paid road building
  • Better management of shortfalls of electricity provision & better use to of Nigeria’s ample solar power
  • An end to police brutality by better education of the police and citizens on their respective rights and responsibilities
  • A new constitutional settlement that recognises the north-south divide
  • Abolition of all laws inconsistent with the constitution
  • An iron bowl of 3000 calories daily for each Nigerian (that is roughly 5 bags of ground nuts or roughly 33 eggs)
  • Robust re-introduction of environmental day to affirm values of conservation, social duty, and common citizenship 
  • The right for every citizen to win the pilgrimage lottery to travel to places that they value (whether that is religious or not)
  • Investment in the creative economy, especially using products such as wood, clay, leather, and iron that do not necessarily require electricity to be produced at scale as Africa has led production of these for centuries especially in the luxury sector
  • A new deal for arts, agriculture, public works to provide a guaranteed job for SS graduates on farms, schools, new business
  • Urgent national and international action on climate change – no be only oyibo problem
  • A 60-40% split in cabinet in terms of sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, race and disability
  • If leaders must be corrupt, more emphasis on making sure they chop small not big
  • A national roadmap to exit oil & gas from national economy and replace with other sectors
  • Robust visa on arrival policy for African and African Diasporas (e.g African Americans, Brazilians)
  • A national football cup with gradual heats from local, state, regional/zonal, national, and then federal level  
  • A complete repeal and total gutting of the same sex marriage prohibition act


At a national level we currently value too much wealth without clarity as to how it is gained; the appearance of sexual virtue and unbridled private vice, condemnation of sexual difference and/or promiscuity,  the appearance of religious piety as opposed to true belief and tolerance, mediocrity as opposed to a love of  average or ordinary greatness – and a love of chaos and argument rather than forward moving consensus. We need to replace these misplaced values with the following minimum values – if our nation is not to perish.

  • Tolerance – for racial, cultural, ethnic, sexual and gender identity
  • Valuing and Learning from failure and failures at both the personal and national level
  • Respect for humble achievement
  • Acceptance of modernity and what it means for the autonomy of everyone
  • Park & Common Life – Respecting the value of green spaces in cities
  • Robust environmentalism – an embrace of the benefits of the land we have and all the industry that can be based on a natural and environmentally friendly economy
  • Pro-active creolisation – Positive development of a national culture as we have been doing of common language/s, music, and festivals at a national level
  • Historical and Linguistic Pride – building robust industries for education and tourism based on our history and languages, English included, but especially the indigenous ones – and healing or at least addressing the wounds of the past
  • Balanced Regionalism – Acceptance of the cultural differences and bands established in the geo-political zones with an equal balance of regions in the north and south
  • Pidginism – Acceptance and promotion of Pidgin English for official business at the sub-national level
  • Statist Entrepreneuralism – A light touch tax rate for business to support entrepreneurialism, as well as social disapproval of excessive rentier behaviour, 3% should be enough for any rentier to extract from their clients

We Shall Overcome – Mahalia Jackson

#NewCARRMovement, #WakatoSuffernation, #WakaBarawoBanza  

In the words of India Arie This is all my opinion – ain’t nothing that I’m saying law” – but we would do well to consider it. We will say more if needs be – if you want others to hear more, please forward this those that need to hear – for those of you who are influencers or journalists – write on this if you can.



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